Cub Scout Pack 51 - Manomet, Mass.

Scouting 101

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What am I selling Popcorn? It’s so expensive.   You are not “selling” popcorn, you are selling Cub Scouts. It helps to ask people if they’d like to “support Cub Scouts” rather than ask them to “buy popcorn”.

Where do these badges go?  Every Cub Scout Handbook has a guide to badge/award placement. 

What do I do with these other patches given out at events?  The patches that the scouts receive from events can be put onto Brag Vests, on a banner or any other creative idea.  Brag vests can be purchased at the scouting store.  One patch at a time can be displayed on right pocket of the uniform.

I hate Pack Meetings, why should I go? Yes, pack meetings can be boring, but only if you let them be.  Here are a few tips to make them more enjoyable.   Sit up closer to where the scouts are sitting.  They will be standing near the stage at one point receiving their hard earned awards.  They will be telling everyone about what they’ve been doing at Den meetings.   They’d love to see your face watching and listening to them.  The scouts will also be performing songs and skits.  They’ve worked hard; they’d appreciate a captive audience.  The leaders (I know, the most boring of them all) have spent hours of their free time with your children all month and want to let you know what they’ve been doing.   The pack meeting is also when you catch up with friends; you might not be friends yet, but soon enough you will be.  

What do the Scouts start shouting when the Cub Master says “announcements”?  It seems rude.  Yes, we secretly encourage the scouts to yell. “ANNOUNCEMENTS, ANNOUNCEMENTS, A TERRIBLE WASTE OF TIME!!!    Most parents do seem horrified by this, but I bet they got your attention?!?

Are Cub Scouts the same as Boy Scouts?  Cub Scouting is a program of the Boy Scouts of America—so in that sense, Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are both members of the same organization. However, they are entirely different programs: Cub Scouting is a family-oriented program designed specifically to address the needs of younger boys.  Boy Scouts is from 5th grade an up.  The Troop is scout led; parents handle behind the scenes logistics.

How much does it cost per year to be in the Cub Scouts?
The cost for our yearlong program is $210 which is broken into 2 payments of $105.  This covers registration, books, neckerchiefs and pack events. The 1st payment is due when you sign up in September.  The 2nd is due at the end of January.   We ask those who are continuing the next year to register & pay at the end of May (instead of the following September) Of course, you can pay in September, but only scouts who are paid up with receive neckerchiefs and books at The Crossover.

How much time is involved every month to be a part of scouting? 
The Pack suggests Dens meet twice a month for about 1 hour, but this is up to each Den to decide. We have additional events that we encourage everyone to participate in as well including community service, family campouts, parades, hikes, etc…

Is scouting only for my son and his dad? No. Cub Scouts is for the boys, but they can have anyone as an adult partner (dad, mom, grandparent, aunt/uncle, etc). At the Cub Scout level, also family participation is encouraged at Pack events, camping, hiking or anything else that might get planned. Moms and/or Dads both are very active as adult partners in our Pack.

Do I HAVE to volunteer to be a Leader? No, but, Scouting is run by volunteers; all of the Leaders in our Pack are non-paid volunteers. If you do not want to be a leader, that is fine.  Someone within your Den will have to be the Leader. You will be asked to volunteer within the Pack at some level as our children’s experience depends on each of us helping where and when we can. Ask your Den Leader or a Pack Committee member at a pack event (Look for the Tan Shirts) how you can assist.

Does my scout have to do everything? Scouts can participate at any level.  However, you do get out of it what you put into it. 

What kind of uniform do we need?

- BSA Official Class A shirt (blue for Tigers, Wolves, and Bears; Tan for Webelos) 

- The Pack provides the basic patches (council & pack #) & Neckerchief.
- Slide
- Rank Baseball Cap
- Rank Belt and buckle
- Blue pants or Jeans with the Blue Shirts and olive/khaki pants with the Tan Shirts.  Shorts in warm weather.

Do parent/guardians have to attend everything? Tigers are required to have a parent present at all times.  Wolves & Bears request an adult is present at all times and parents come on overnight camping with the pack.   Webelos are allowed to attend meetings, take trips and overnights without parents, but we as a Pack may require a parent for certain outings, depending on the circumstances of the outing.  We also request Webelos parents attend the meetings for information exchange and some occasional assistance.

My son has younger/older siblings and I don't want to leave them out:  As often as possible, we try to schedule activities that are family oriented.  It is not unusual for us to have siblings, cousins, even grandma and grandpa, joining us on our adventures.  All we ask is that parents be responsible for siblings and that all guests behave in an appropriate manner while spending time with us

How do I volunteer?  Do I have to? A Pack cannot run without volunteers. This is an all-volunteer organization, we have no paid workers.  We are always looking for parents who are excited about scouting to hop in and lend a hand.  We have many duties that can be taken over and most require only an hour or two per week of your time (sometimes a little more, sometimes less).  The first step is to fill out the adult application and take the "Youth Protection Training" course at . Once we have your application and training, you may take other leader specific training to accompany us as "fully trained" on excursions.  We are always looking for den leaders and committee members, but if you feel that you cannot contribute as a leader, there are many other ways to volunteer time and resources on an as-needed basis.  Such as events, meetings and outings.

Scouting 101


Pack: The Pack is made up of dens, siblings and parents.   Pack Meetings are held once a month.  Pack 51 typically holds them the 3rd Wednesday a month when possible.

Den: The Dens have 8-10 boys.  There are grouped by Rank - Tiger, Wolf, Bears, Webelos I, and Arrow of Light (Webelos II).  The Den number will stay the same as the scouts move through their ranks.    Dens should meet at least twice a month, but can meet four times a month if that works for the Den. 

Rank: Levels of Scouting.  There are five ranks: Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I, and Webelos II.   Even though the scouts crossover in June to become a Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos I, and Webelos II Scout, they spend the first half of the scouting year earning their rank which is then awarded at the Blue & Gold Banquet.   The second half of the scouting yearis for elective adventures.

  • Tiger: First Grade
  • Wolf: Second Grade
  • Bears: Third Grade
  • Webelos I: Fourth Grade
  • Webelos II:  Fifth Grade.  The Webelos II cross over into a Boy Scout Troop in March.

Pack Meeting: A pack meets once a month. We open with a flag ceremony.   There are

announcements, re-cap of last month’s Den activities, on-time raffle, and canned good raffle. 

The scouts are recognized for their achievements.  Dens perform skits or sing songs.  Parents can sign up for show and sells, sleepovers, campouts, pay deficits, order Class B uniforms, and most importantly VOLUNTEER! 

The Pack is only as good as our volunteers.

Table outside the Cafeteria:Parents can sign-up for Show & Sells, Sleepovers, campouts, pay deficits, order Class Bs and sign up to volunteer.

Deficit: A fancy word for Cub Scout fees.  Like any other activity, they are collected in advance.  The Cub Scout fees cover the cost of books, neckerchiefs, campouts, etc.

Volunteers: THAT’S YOU!  Yes, we have parents who volunteer to be leaders and take committee positions, but we need all hands on deck for the big events.   There is never a shortage of helpful adults the day of an event and we are grateful for that.  It is much appreciated that everyone is asking, “How can I help?”  However, we’d like to organize the help in advance so the events run smoother.  So, please, sign up at the pack meeting BEFORE the event.

Class A Uniform: Official Blue or Tan BSA shirt (depending on rank).  Please refer to the scout handbook for badge placement.  If you don’t like to sew, there is a wonderful thing called Badge Magic to help you with that. 

Class B Uniform:  They are T-shirts/sweatshirts with the Pack 51 logo.  Classes Bs are worn at weekend camping events and sleepovers.  It is the preference of the Den leader to have them worn at den meetings.

To Class A or not to Class A:  Typically, it’s Always Class A.   The Class B is worn at outdoor camping weekends and overnights.  However, we always need some scouts who have their Class A for Flag Ceremonies.    Bottom line - You can never go wrong wearing your Class A uniform. 

Show and Sell: Is a type of fundraising where the scouts sell popcorn, gladiolus bulbs or whatever we’ve come up with that year at a store’s entrance.    Scouts should be neatly dressed in their Class A uniform. A percentage of the sale goes towards lowering the scout’s deficit.

Fundraising: We ask the Scouts to fund raise twice a year.  The money raised goes towards the pack to keep costs low and lowers individual deficits.  In the fall we sell Popcorn by order form and at Show and Sells.  In the spring we sell Gladiolus bulbs as Show and Sells and door to door. 
The Committee: Is made up of parents and den leaders.  Their goal is to organize and facilitate all of the fun for the Scouts and siblings.   The Committee is a supportive & energetic group of smart parents that love to have fun! The Committee meets the 1st Thursday after the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7pm at St Bonaventure classrooms.   Children are welcome to come and keep themselves busy in the adjacent classroom.