Cub Scout Pack 51 - Manomet, Mass.

​​​​​​Pack 51 Calendar

2017-18 Season

The information below may be changed. 

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Thanksgiving at Squanto November 19th.  
Sunday November 19th 
More information TBA

Christmas Caroling Manomet Fire Station State Rd.  
Who: Knights of Columbus & Cub Scout Pack 51
What: Christmas caroling at the tree lighting. The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing for all to hear.  And Hot Cocoa, Cookies & Santa.
Where: Manomet Fire Station on State Rd.  
When: The Friday after Thanksgiving at 5:30pm.  Tree Lighting at 6pm.
Uniform: Class B (Scouts are so bundled up, you can’t see the Uniform)

Christmas Caroling Life Care Center 
Who: Pack 51
What:  Christmas caroling for the residents of the Life Care Center
Where: Life Care Center on Obery St, Plymouth.
When: December 10th at 11am 
Why & How: The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing for all to hear.
Uniform: Class A

December Pack Meeting 
Who: Pack 51
What: Christmas Party & Popcorn Sale Prizes
 Where: Manomet Elementary School Cafeteria, 
Pot Luck Desserts & drinks.  Santa hands out the Pinewood Derby cars.  
Siblings may receive one; there is a $5 cost that can be paid at the table.
When: December 20th 6:30-7:30
Why & How: It’s fun to have fun!   Blue & Gold, Spring Sleepover Sign ups
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Wolf
Set up – Tiger
Clean up – Everyone

January Pack Meeting  
Who: Pack 51
 What: Awards, Announcements, Final Spring Sleepover Sign ups, & 
Summer Camp Sign ups. Spring Deficits Due.  
Where: Manomet Elementary School Cafeteria
When: January 17th 6:30-7:30 
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Tiger
Set up – Webelos II
Raffles – Webelos I
Skit – Bear
Pack Game – Wolf
Clean up – Everyone

Klondike Derby
Who: Old Colony Council Event Webelos I & II Only
What: Who doesn’t like a little competition?!  Really, it’s about teamwork and having fun…there just happens to be a trophy for the Patrol with the best demonstration of teamwork & fun!   There are many volunteers needed to make this event a success.   For the past few years, Pack 51 has volunteered to tally scores.  You are inside with endless coffee and hot cocoa! 
Where:  Camp Squanto, Myles Standish Forest. 
When: January 20th Arrival time and meet up TBA 
Why & How:  Webelos & Boy Scouts demonstrate the skills they have been learning.  As they move by sled through the snow (if there is any) they must show good teamwork & scout spirit along with knowledge of First Aid, Campsite Set-up, and Knots etc.  There is a trophy for first place.  The other patrols earn Gold, Silver & Bronze.  
Uniform: Class A

Blue & Gold Banquet   
Who: Pack 51
What: It’s a birthday celebration of Scouting & its founder Baden Powell.   
Where: St. Bonaventure’s Parish Hall
When: January 27th: 3pm
Why & How: The Hall is decorated in Blue & Gold; scouting colors.   Dens will perform skits & songs.  The Scouts receive their Rank Badge that they’ve been working on since September.     There is a Cake Derby.  Scouts & siblings decorate cakes in the current year’s theme (Welcome to the Jungle).  Dens will be assigned a specific task to make this event a success.   
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Webelos II, followed by all scouts.
Serving – Tiger Parents
Set-up – Webelos II (9am) & Wolf
Cooking – Webelos I & Wolf (12pm)
Decorations – Bear (10am)
Clean up –Everyone

February Pack Meeting
Who: Pack 51 & Troop 51
What: Webelos II Crossover
 Where: Manomet Elementary School Cafeteria
When: February 28th 6:30-7:30
Why & How: Our Webelos II will Crossover into the Boy Scout Troop.  
There will be an Arrow of Light Ceremony and refreshments afterwards.  
Summer Camp Signups. Pinewood Derby sign ups.
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Webelos II bring the flags in.  Webelos I bring them out.
Set up – Webelos I
Raffles – Bear
Skit -(Replaced by Arrow of Light Ceremony)
Pack Game -(Replaced by Arrow of Light Ceremony)
Clean up – Everyone

February Vacation Ice Skating  
Who: Plymouth Cub Scout Packs
What: We join our fellow Plymouth Packs for ice skating
Where: Armstrong Ice Rink
When: Saturday February 24th 4:30-5:30pm

​​March Pack Meeting
Who: Pack 51 
What: Awards, Summer Camp payments due, & Chuckwagon Sign Up
Where: Manomet Elementary School Cafeteria
 When: March 22nd 6:30-7:30
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Webelos I
Set up – Bear
Raffles – Wolf
Skit – Wolf
Pack Game – Tiger 
Clean up – Everyone
 Pinewood Derby
Who: Pack 51
What: Race Pinewood Derby cars.
Where: St. Bonaventure’s Parish Hall
When: March 24th 11am weigh in Noon Opening Ceremony
Why & How: The boys, siblings and adults race their pinewood 
derby cars made from the kits received at the Pack Christmas Party.  
Weigh in is at 11am. Racing starts at noon. There is a concession stand 
serving hot dogs, chips, and drinks.  Typically, the derby ends around 3pm.
Uniform: Class A
Friday Night Track Set Up – 
Weigh In 
Pit Stop – 
MC – Cub Master
Concession Stand/Kitchen/Racing 
Spring Sleepover
Who: Pack 51
What:  Our pack spends the night sleeping at the Ecotarium
Where: Ecotarium
When:  TBD
Uniform: Class A

April Vacation Activity TBA 
 April Pack Meeting
Who: Pack 51
What: Awards, Chuckwagon/Crossover Sign Up, Show & Sell Sign Ups.
Where: Manomet Elementary School Cafeteria      
When: April 11th 6:30-7:30
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Bear
Set up – Wolf
Raffles – Tiger
Skit – Tiger
Pack Game – Webelos I
Clean up – Everyone

Chuckwagon & Crossover Together
Who: Cranberry Harbors District 
 What: Packs from the Cranberry Harbor District come to 
Camp Squanto for a day of fun!  It’s similar to an Octoberfest 
event except that it’s run by many Packs.  Our Pack will be in charge of one 
Station and for covering time at the ranges.   Plan for a day at Squanto: 
Sunscreen, bugspray, water, and lunch.  Our packs Crossover will be part of Chuckwagon this year, we will have our Crossover Saturday evening. Camping available Saturday night.  
There is a fee for non-scouts, as it’s not a Pack sponsored event.  
Where: Camp Squanto, Myles Standish State Forest
When: May 19-21st  Saturday activities begin at 9am-3pm Crossover is after dinner
Why & How: It’s a fun way to spend the day & meet lots of other scouting families.  
Uniform: Class B, Class A for all flag ceremonies and Crossover

May Pack Meeting
Who: Pack 51
What: Awards, Paw Sox Sleepover sign up & payment 
Fall Deficits & Health Forms Due payment must be made to keep book & neckerchief at Crossover.  
Where: Manomet Elementary School Cafeteria
When: May 9th 6:30-7:30
Uniform: Class A
Color Guard – Wolf
Set up – Tiger
Raffles – Tiger
Skit – Webelos I
Pack Game – Bear
Clean up – Everyone

Show & Sell
Who: Pack 51
What: We sell popcorn outside the store
When: TBA
Where: Plymouth Market Basket
Uniform Class A
Memorial Day Parade
Who: Pack 51 & family
 What: Memorial Day Parade
Where: Meet at Memorial Hall in Plymouth.  
Free Parking until noon. 
In the event of rain, the ceremony is moved indoors
at Memorial Hall and the Pack will still attend. 
When: May 28th 9am.
Why & How: It’s important to remember and celebrate 
those who gave their lives to defend our freedom.
Uniform: Class A

Dates are subject to change depending on availability of venues.